Easily Manage Payments And Settle Bills With Our All-In-One Terminal

Optimize your payment processing with our all-in-one terminal. Designed for efficiency, it handles transactions swiftly and automates bill settlements, minimizing manual tasks. The terminal’s intuitive interface ensures quick adoption while advanced security protocols protect sensitive data. Upgrade today and transform your payment management!

LOOPos offers free integration with all the supported payment terminals listed on this page!

Streamline Your Transactions with First Data Clover Flex and Mini

We are pleased to offer the First Data Clover Flex and First Data Clover Mini, both powered by First Data, to enhance your payment processing capabilities. These state-of-the-art devices enable seamless, wireless payments via WiFi or mobile data/LTE, granting you the flexibility to manage transactions with ease. Whether stationed at the counter or used for tableside service, these terminals ensure a smooth and efficient payment experience for both your staff and customers.

The terminals integrate flawlessly with LOOPos POS software, retrieving table information and outstanding bills, including split bills, with precision. This integration allows staff to select and process multiple bills for a single table accurately, ensuring meticulous transaction handling. Upon processing a payment, the terminal automatically settles the bills within the POS software, thereby streamlining operations and minimizing manual input.

These terminals support the printing of payment authorizations directly on the POS sales receipt, providing clear and concise transaction documentation. Designed for compatibility in both Canada and the U.S.A., the First Data Clover Flex and Mini present robust solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of contemporary businesses.

Enhance Your Payment Processing Today

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the First Data Clover Flex and Mini.

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