Simplify Your Restaurant's Operations With LoopOS’s Back-Of-House Solutions

Simplify your restaurant’s operations with efficient back-of-house solutions. From inventory management to staff scheduling, modern technology can streamline tasks, ensuring a smoother workflow and better customer experience.
Loopos - Easy Food Order App

Revolutionize Your Kitchen Workflow with Our Kitchen Displays

Enhanced Order Accuracy: Our Kitchen Displays ensure that orders are accurately displayed, reducing errors in communication between the front and back of house.

Efficient Workflow: Streamline kitchen operations with our displays, ensuring that orders are prepared and delivered promptly, improving overall efficiency.

Real-time Updates: Keep track of order statuses in real-time, allowing for better coordination and faster service.

Customization Options: Tailor the display to fit your kitchen’s layout and needs, maximizing space and workflow efficiency.

Maximize Efficiency with LoopOS

Seamlessly Integrate Online Ordering, Staff Scheduling, Inventory Management, and More. Customize Your Back-of-House System for a Streamlined Restaurant Operation.


Enhance Guest Experience With LoopOS

LoopOS revolutionizes guest experience by offering seamless payment solutions. Guests can pay conveniently online or offline, reducing wait times and expanding revenue opportunities. Our innovative contactless payment feature, Order Anywhere, allows guests to order, split bills, and pay with a few taps using QR codes! 

Another bonus point. Our system can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring real-time transaction data is sent directly to your POS. This eliminates manual data entry, streamlining your payment process and enhancing efficiency.

Don’t just take our word for it—see the proven results and benefits we’ve delivered!

Find out why LOOPos is considered the top POS system for restaurants by exploring the successes we’ve achieved for our clients.

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