Effortless Integrations for Your Restaurant

Maximize your restaurant’s efficiency with our seamless integration solutions. We offer effortless connections with Deliverect and CallerID, simplifying your operations and enhancing the customer experience. Whether it’s streamlining online orders with Deliverect or managing incoming calls with CallerID, our integrations ensure smooth and reliable performance, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Integrate Your Delivery Apps with Deliverect

Deliverect offers instant integration with multiple food delivery apps, including Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and many more. This seamless connection boosts order processing efficiency and accuracy across all your delivery channels. With centralized menu management, you can easily support ‘Ghost Kitchens’ and multiple brands. Orders and pricing from various channels are sent directly to the LOOPos POS software, allowing for manual or automatic confirmation. Enhance your restaurant’s delivery operations with Deliverect integration.

Enhance Customer Management with CallerID Integration

Our CallerID integration helps you collect caller data directly into the LOOPos POS, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving valuable time. This seamless integration not only streamlines your operations but also helps you efficiently gather and manage customer information. By automating caller data collection, you can focus on delivering exceptional service and building stronger relationships with your customers.

Get Better Customer Management with LOOPos

Our integration services are designed to streamline your restaurant’s efficiency and enhance customer management. By connecting various systems directly into the LOOPos POS software, we eliminate manual data entry, saving you valuable time and reducing errors. This automation allows you to manage orders and customer information more effectively, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service. 

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